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AMA Energy Services Private Limited is a consultancy firm established to provide Energy and Utility Consultancy, Financial Consultancy, and is a third-party Human Resource service provider. We have a unique distinction and team of experts. Our team has experience of more than 30 years of providing Energy consultancy and financial services to the corporate, public, and government sectors.Our team has extensive experience in developing and recommending tariff and regulatory framework for the multi-utilities such as electricity, sea-water for cooling, desalination & process water and waste water management services.

AMA Energy provides advisory focused on Markets, Regulation, Tariffs, Licensing within the energy and water utility sectors, leveraging the broad and deep know-how and first-hand experience of our consultants acquired in projects over the last 30 years. AMA Energy helps its clients, private or institutional, to:  Promote economically efficient and sustainable markets, Designing effective regulation conducive to sustained, affordable services, and Evaluate investment opportunities and reach successful closure of commercial transactions.

AMA Energy

To deliver prime quality solar, led and wind mill products and also abide a unique approach to the best practice in the field of Solar, LED and wind mill sector.

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